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Dr Anil Kar, Proprietor, Engineering Services International, is well known in India and abroad for his contributions to the state-of-art in many areas of engineering. He graduated in civil engineering in 1962 and received his master of science and doctorate in civil engineering degrees in 1969 and 1971, respectively, from the Pennsylvania State University. Dr Kar’s biographies are listed in International Who’s Who in Engineering, Who’s Who in the World, International Who’s Who of Intellectuals, 2000 Personalities of the Millennium, 5000 Personalities of the World, Who’s Who in the Commonwealth, Who’s Who in Asia, Who’s Who in the East, International Who’s Who in Community Service, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering and many other biographical books of reference.




Dr Anil Kar is a recipient of the American Society of Civil Engineers State-of-the-Art of Civil Engineering Award, 1981 as well as the CIDC Vishwakarma Award 2013 from Construction Industry Development Council. In recognition of the great significance of his innovation, the PSWC-bar, a reinforcing bar with amazing properties the American Society of Civil Engineers recognized Dr Kar with its Henry L. Michel Award for Industry Advancement of Research on March 26, 2015. In recognition of his vast contributions in the field of concrete structures and concrete constructions, the Indian Concrete Institute honouredDr Anil K Kar by bestowing upon him the ICI Award for Life Time Achievement on October 10, 2015, whereas for leadership demonstrated throughout his career, his embodiment of professional ethics, service to his colleagues and to his profession, and his contribution of innovation and technical advancements to the civil engineering profession, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Geoprofessional Business Association jointly awarded Anil K Kar, Ph.D., F.IE (I), F. ASCE the Professional Practice Ethics and Leadership Award on October 13, 2015.








Dr Kar is the holder of several Indian and international patents.

Dr Kar has over fifty years’ experience in engineering management, research, analysis and design for structural systems, engineering for nuclear power plant facilities in different countries, industrial and other projects, weapon design, missile impact, warheads and explosion, shock and vibration, structural rehabilitation. Dr Kar has to his credit many innovative and award winning designs. Dr Kar was member and chairman/president of numerous local, national and international committees. Dr Kar is the author of over one hundred and eighty technical publications, and a reviewer of technical reports and publications and guest editor of international journals. Dr Kar is also an examiner of masters and doctoral theses of Indian universities. He is also a co-guide of research work at different universities.

As a UN Specialist, Dr Kar was a Consultant to Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics and to Jadavpur University. For over a decade he provided extensive consultancy services to Atomic Energy Regulatory Board and Nuclear Power Corporation of the Department of Atomic Energy in India. He also has the distinction of being the first Indian Consultant to Defence Research and Development Organisation of the Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India, for whom he has executed several consultancy assignments over the years.

Dr Kar is the developer of PERMAKAR TECHNOLOGY for structural rehabilitation, waterproofing systems and protection of structures against water and corrosive elements.



Dr Kar is the developer of the well-known Kar Formulae on the phenomenon of missile impact, used worldwide in weapon design and protective design for missile impact.

Dr Kar’s work changed a centuries-old concept on the effect of buoyancy on structural overturning, showing that buoyancy has no role in structural instability due to overturning, leading thereby to savings of billions of dollars in construction cost.

Dr Kar has worked extensively on seismic qualification of equipment, systems, etc. for many nuclear power projects in India and abroad. His contributions in the area led to many improvements in the field of seismic qualification of nuclear power plant equipment and systems. The semi-rigid seismic support systems for electrical cable trays and HVAC ducts, a standard design practice for all nuclear power plants worldwide since 1974, is another of Dr Kar’s contributions.

Dr Kar developed and received a patenton the highly ductile cement composite KARCRETE, having exceptional strength in flexural tension and enormous capacity in energy absorption.

Dr Kar’s work led to the concept of deep slab in the design of very thick foundation slabs and attendant savings in the cost of construction of such slabs. Similarly, his work led to the recognition of sufficiency of consideration of cracked section and thus reduced load in the design for thermal effects in concrete structures.

Dr Kar, the co-developer of the Kar-Okazaki method for the analysis of nonlinear systems, showed that analysis for highly nonlinear systems too will converge if the mathematical formulations will be correct. He also gave an algorithm for fast convergence in analysis for nonlinear systems.


Dr Kar’s pioneering work in waterproofing of structures and his concept of total structural protection through waterproofing as a means to a long life for concrete structures have been finding ever-increasing recognition. The Central Public Works Department of the Government of India have decided to protect their concrete structures through surface protection by waterproofing. The Public Works (Roads) Directorate of the Government of West Bengal have adopted specifications under DrKar’s PERMAKAR Technology for the repair and waterproofing of bridge structures. DrKar’s viewpoints on the importance of surface protection systems by waterproofing for the enhancement of life span or durability of concrete structures have found expressions in the Indian code IS 456:2000 and in IRC:SP:80-2008. The Indian Railways too have agreed and they have adopted as a part of the Indian Railways Unified Standard Specifications & S.O.R. a comprehensive set of specifications on the surface protection of their concrete structures by waterproofing in the line of PERMAKAR Technology.

The present practice of protecting concrete bridges with surface protection systems is a result of DrKar’s untiring efforts.



Dr Kar’s work has led to the recognition that properties of recent cements and the use of high strength CTD and TMT rebars with surface deformations are primary causes of early distress in concrete structures of recent decades.

Dr Kar came out with a simple solution to the problem.

His creation, PSWC-bar, a rebar with a plain surface and a deformed axis, with its capacity to enhance the life span of concrete structures, and to impart great ductility and energy absorbing capacities, without having to incur any additional cost, has the potential to replace the present generation of high strength steel rebars with surface deformations. The use of PSWC-bars can save lives, reduce environmental degradations, lower life cycle cost of structures, and reduce the total global CO2 emission by about 5.0% by cutting down on the need for cement production. With the reduction in cement and rebar production, there will be corresponding lessened global warming of the environment, all at no added effort or cost.


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